About Us

Koowawa [koo-wah-wah]

Definition: A furry creature that clings onto a tree all day long.

Once upon a time, in the arctic Great North, a little girl who was just learning to talk referred to herself as a "Koowawa." That little girl is my eldest daughter. In case you hadn't guessed, that would make me the tree.

Hello everyone,

My love and quest for fashionable and good-quality baby knee socks began when my first daughter refused to wear tights on chilly winter days. Back then, it was a challenge trying to find knee socks that both child and mama could grow fond of. I wanted knee socks that could provide comfort and cute wearable designs, something for kids and mothers to love and enjoy together. My struggles to find those perfect knee socks sparked the idea of sourcing out my very own.

In 2016, with the birth of my second daughter, I again found it difficult to find the socks that could stay on her tiny feet. She also reminded me of how important it is for newborns to wear socks as protection for their little toes. And so, the Koowawa shop was born.

With love to all the koowawa bears out there and their strong mama trees,